Brand Story

Quintessential Basics is based on the idea that every man should be able to be himself – wholly and completely. His clothes and garments need to match his individuality and personality. The brand caters to men who want to look stylish but still remain true to who they are. At Quintessential Basics, we make this possible. We are constantly pushing sartorial sensibilities and, with contemporary thinking and expert craftsmanship, are continually revolutionizing men’s everyday fashion as we know it in India and the world.

The brand has been born out of love for Indian culture, heritage and tradition. The team is and always has been in awe of craftsmanship wonders that stitch the rich fabric that is India. With a strong belief that clothing and fashion truly do exude one’s individuality and personality, the idea for Quintessential Basics was to create garments and fabrics that each modern Indian man could interpret, wear, and carry off in his own unique and distinctive way. 

The garments we produce tell the story of generational wisdom deeply rooted in the textiles, fabrics, and menswear apparel of India. Fashion and menswear as we know it has undergone a radical transformation under the banner and helm of forward and new-age thinking. As our brand evolves and enters the space of quirky fashion, it becomes the pioneer of change in menswear apparel, channeling the culture and uniqueness of the country and its people. Quintessential Basics is all about tapping into and exploring the current zeitgeist while still remaining true to and paying homage to our culture and heritage.

With a range of shirts that are fit for a range of different occasions – from the boardroom to the brunch table – we hope to ultimately expand to include accessories too. All aspects of a man’s clothing should be in line with his personality and so Quintessential Basics hopes to revolutionize everything we can – from boxers, to bowties, from trousers, to t-shirts. 

Prints are an unexplored facet of men’s fashion in India and Quintessential Basics aims to delve into that unexplored territory to curate a range that is unlike any other. Looking beyond the restrictive blues, reds, and yellows, the brand takes into consideration bright colours coupled with comfortable materials and flattering silhouettes. The prints that we produce are a result of the finest and most precise technology and are sure to turn heads when spotted. From tropical patterns, to botanical ones, there’s no leaf left unturned! 

The prints we pick and work with are bold and are sure to make an impact. Paired with other ‘quintessential’ products, they add a little something to your gait, making you stand out and stand taller. In an endless arrays of blacks and whites and minimalists, Quintessential Basics enables you to be different and be more colourful. Pieces from the brand enable you to be a better, more quintessential version of yourself.