About Us

At Quintessential Basics we work day in and day out to seamlessly blend modern technologies, trends, and techniques with our rich cultural heritage to create pieces that are going to be everlasting and special in your wardrobe. Our garments are an ideal combination of bold and everlasting and can be easily mixed and matched with pieces you already own, which is the underlying theme of everything we curate – basics that just ‘fit’.

A combination of fine technologies and a stellar design sense are the prints that Quintessential Basics churns out. We agree with the words of Miranda Priestly – that florals are in fact not groundbreaking. We’ll expand on that a little more – neither are polka dots, regular stripes, or anything 70’s inspired. The trick to constantly creating clothing that is culturally relevant is to connect prints to the current zeitgeist, something that Quintessential Basics is very focused on doing. We look past the endless, mundane sea of monotony and minimalism and take a brand new, bold look at prints for the fast paced man in the fast changing world. A break from muted tones and subtle sartorial choices is much needed, and Quintessential Basics is guided by that thought. 

Take a peek inside any workwear wardrobe and you’ll spot one-toned pieces. You’ll find a sea of classic blacks and crisp whites with the occasional pop of colour. One thing you won’t spot a whole lot of? Prints! Quintessential Basics taps into the unexplored area of prints for men – straying far away from the conventional options and creating revolutionary garments. Not only are these a product of finesse and passion, but also of technology that is unmatched and never before seen. With garments that comprise unique, unconventional, and barrier-breaking prints, the brand aims to propagate the idea of stylish and successful men.